Journeys of A Man

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I do believe that’s what it was
It was what it was
A perfect moment
without judgment
I could see in your eyes
The consciousness of lies
And the imperfections
That could send out countless reflections
To the eyes
To the mind
Where am I to ever find
A rodeo
A perfect glow
The one I know I don’t know
There she was
There she is
Falling in a relative kiss
She doesn’t know
Doesn’t mind
That I’ll never feel fine
In my mind
In my mind
I see kites flying side by side
In my mind
In my mind I see boats cutting tides
I see you
I see them
I see a world where I begin
To remember
The winter
The days of simple breeze
I feel warm
I feel alive
I feel lost inside this night
I feel cold
I feel worn
I feel a remorse for things adorned
I could pass through this night
But what becomes of first light?
Was it you
Was it me
That formed that memory
In the night
By the trains
I wanted to but I refrained
And it’s intent
In fact
It’s all that remains
I never knew I’d be there
Never know how much you cared
Because we parted ways
Burning fire lanes
I see you
You see me
We’ve become things that will never be
I see light
I see day
I felt you walk away
I know
I could go
But I’d rather stay
Wait, not for not
I believe in brighter days
Wait, not for not
I believe in brighter days
So spin
Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin
This feeling never ends
When I begin
Spin spin spin
This feeling never ends when I begin

A descent in order to rise

A root
Takes hold and won’t let go
Waiting for water
Struggling for life
There is an unending need, deep
Deep and so dark

Buried below
Green above the surface
Fading to brown
But still holding on
waiting for the sun
waiting for growth

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ghost Town

Traveling down a street I have not been down in years.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where we go?

fire breathing dragon emerging from the ground
wind blowing
rain falling
falling to the ground

dancing people round and round
circles, turning
music playing
continuous noises, sound

God is great
God is good
let us thank him for this food

Spinning, spinning
out of control
never knowing
where we go

Wake from sleep
tired and aching
must keep moving
daylight's breaking

Into the city
into the fray
a little more each day

Thursday, September 06, 2007


A cold chill in the air tonight.
But still, it causes me to pause.
Like an amplifier and a microphone
and the odd buzzing noise that they both emit
and the pulse quickens
thoughts race
and you hope you remember your lines
not like you haven't sung them a thousand times

And in the trees
the past
in the air
always, uncertainty
but trying to change it is like holding a burning match

And so, I'm left with everything
So much to be thankful for
and a fire-ant's sting
is repeated
like 10 years of thoughts running through your mind at once.