Journeys of A Man

Monday, April 30, 2007

echo (sing it back)

the dawn has come and gone
and I lay in the field
with an evening sky
the jokes you told
the ideas my mind holds
the shy and the bold
like an echo
sing it back
like an echo
sing it back
like an echo
how far will you go
where no one can follow

Friday, April 27, 2007


On the hill I stand.
I stand tall.
Trees around me lose their leaves.
Sunrays cut through the darkness in-between the hills.
The light surrounds me, engulfs me; takes me higher.
Leaves are rolling down the hill.
I am flying with the light.
Traveling through the trees, around the leaves.
When God wants me to stop He'll let the sun go down in-between the hills.
I'll never return to the places I knew, and when the sun sets on a different day I will have many new visitors to my home.


An angel stands in the crystal rain
the sky turns pink, then blue, now white
the ocean turns around and rolls into sight

The sun becomes a small white pearl
the ocean rises up to catch it in its fall
the earth grows and the universe gets so small

The clouds move and form into one
lightning strikes and the earth's soul pierces the sky
the stars shoot down, it's their time to die

Sleep well in the arms of the ocean
Goodnight sweet ones
don't worry because right behind you
are your daughters and your sons.
Shoot a bullet in the sky
and claim the wound for me
follow the stars as they fall like rain
and be happy you set them free
rocking chair on the front porch and baby's robe in blue
Open your heart to me and I will
open mine to you.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stand Your Ground

If you’re a fighter son
Then swing
And don’t take lightly
The way they invade your space
Life is sweat and blood
And dreams and love
It’s midnight
And the sun in your eyes
It’s brutal honesty
And terrible lies
It’s heaven
and hell
if you’re a fighter
then breathe
and swing

Sunday, April 22, 2007

before the after

Your pupil goes from large to small
You’re climbing too fast, prepare for a fall
In the end you’re right back where you began
Wondering over and over and over again
If doing something before the after has changed things at all

Do not bring me flowers at my death
Bring them to me while I still have breath
Tell me everything you have wanted to say
Before they lay my body down in my grave

You never can see the true ending until the end

When dust kicks up over the dawn

Last night I walked in the past while I was standing in the present and looking to the future

What shall become of us?

Adam and Eve probably would not believe what we have done

Let’s call this one a night
We’ll stumble back home and hope to feel alright
And with the morning light in plain sight
I know I’d feel better with you by my side

Before the after

I know not what is to come
Count your blessings one by one
Don’t make a mockery of things you’ve never seen
Wishing for a life that came to me in a dream
This day will repeat tomorrow and everyday following

I could say I’m sorry for all the things I’ve done to you,
But all of those apologies would never relieve the pain you’re going through

Just a little , a little more
My feet are not ready for the floor
I can be
Before the after

Do you hear the sound through the walls?
A wave that lifts up will surely fall
Or will it roll on and on
Until we are forever gone
No one will know your name
Damn, what a shame

Kid kicked a hole in a star


I'm back in the neighborhood again
and I'm feeling like a stranger in my own skin
and there are things that have changed
and things that have not
and there are things I remember
and things that I've forgot

Monday, April 16, 2007

carrying the wounded

I've been sitting with the ghosts of my past
and they all laugh
carrying daggers
hands covering bleeding hearts
only a few smile
but only because I've gone miles and miles
and haven't found the path...

...but I know I'm on the right track.

Nashville (revisited, if only in my mind)

pulled into town with what I had packed
leaving Texas almost a thousand miles back
A sunny day, with the rocks by the road
nothing on my mind
except getting to Nashville
country music
all the people
all the bars
I'm in and out as fast as the drinks can flow
music always around, following me like a shadow
and all the regrets and dreams mix together
it's a constant flux of sunny and rainy weather
From the elders going to church
to the dreamers in the coffee shops
to the singers in the bars
to the stay at homes eating lunch and driving fancy cars
for me, Johnny Cash died on the radio
following a love he'd come to know
a few years later his home would burn down
burn down all the way to the ground
Friends with their perfect smiles
parking cars at Dunn's house
a wedding night drive down Hillsboro Road
singing songs as we go
the loop
Lightning on my stereo
looking for somewhere to belong
the Mercy Lounge
looking at the Nashville skyline
all lit up at night
a sense that it might be alright
in that moment
I was glad to be there
because once the moment passed
I knew it would no longer be there
music, music everywhere
music, music everywhere
The Ryman
a temple for the lyricist
a temple for the player
a temple for the singer
I wish, I would, I will
A look from the rooftops
No one notices, not even the cops
Old country roads
Old farm homes
Turning them to mansions and land
For the progress of mankind
Sing a song
When the day is done
It will be all I’ll have to hold on to

Friday, April 13, 2007

One Point in Time

Points in time
Connected like separate stars
When put together; shed light on life
A star dies
And through space and time
Its light flies
To shine down on those in a future tense
Thousands of years burnt out
Made for those who wish without doubt

A Son dies
And through space and time
His light shines
An example for those in a future tense
Thousands of years removed
Made for those who believe without proof

Shine down

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

blue on blue

I wore the raindrops like a crown
my head held high
water following the path
from my hair
down my cheek
with my feet
shuffling through the puddles in the street

Thunder and lightning outside
but quiet and calm inside
inside the deepest part of me
near the heart, where I feel the beats

An awkward solitude
in a constantly audible world
her sulky lip
I love to kiss this girl
Change the mood
Blue on blue