Journeys of A Man

Thursday, September 25, 2008

(journeys from long ago / entry 2)

Took a ride to the city limit sign
looked at it for one last time
hit the accelerator and said goodbye

took a drive up the interstate
thinking so much he couldn't concentrate
on the future that has burned the past
needs answers to all the questions he has left to ask
so much still left to do
can at least one dream come true

(journeys from long ago / entry 1)

lifted off the street
sat down on a chair
taken from that place
morphine taste
Cereal and milk
water and pills
ocean carry me
help me to feel free
ease my mind
let me forget the thing I've left behind
naked in the eyes
can you hear my cries
I think that you do
and who am I to become
where do we belong
stuck on this earth
Lord, I cannot fly
nor can I
ask why
I should not ask why.
I should not ask why.
Lifted from a chair
and thrown into the sea. Forced to swim. Swim towards me.