Journeys of A Man

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Waves roll through my mind again.
I'm sleeping in the arms of the ocean.
Waves roll under me as I lay here.
I'm comfortable, but I would leave here to fight for her soul.
I'm looking at the islands all around me.
The waves will take me by them someday.
I must sit and swim in this ocean
like a messenger's bottle.
Waves roll through my mind again.

we can go anywhere, if we want

I sit.
I wonder about how life is going to turn out.
Where to go from here?
There are so many memories here.
Do my memories have any memories of me?
I stand.
I wonder if I have made a difference somehow.
Does my standing change anything?
Can I sit and make the same difference?
I walk. I walk away and as I do I know that I am myself again.
All you have to be is yourself and you will make your own place in the world.

Hold on to your memories, but know that they remember you too. Know that they dream of your future and that's what life is all about:

The hope future brings.


They say I can't do it,
but I'll never stop.
They say I can't make it,
but I'll make it to the top.

They used to tell me to have a hero,
yeah I'll find my home.
They say I can't make it;
I can, but not alone.

They tell me to quit
and I ask why.
They say I can't do it,
but that is a lie.

I will get there if I said I could
but can't you see,
I can only get there
if I help you and you help me.

Crowding Dusk

In the crowding dusk you'll see, all the little things that mean so much to me. As the fog creeps in, I'll be lost in the darkness again. As the rain falls from the sky, I'll be the bird that cannot fly. As the waves roll away, I'll pray I'll find myself again someday. Everybody here is so proud, but everybody has their own clouds. There is a darkness I see in you, this is one thing that is true.
In the crowding dusk we'll begin to realize the size of all our sins. There is a darkness in the night out on the sea, Lord, I'm sorry...please forgive me.


dreams stay

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Earth is content with
watching me die
a cut to its green skin
and they'll push my body inside

Thursday, January 05, 2006


If the waters were to rise
and this boat capsized
I’d swim for my life
both day and night
To make it to the shore
and go looking for
the one who sent me out into the storm,
And ask what he sent me for?