Journeys of A Man

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Goody, Tomorrow

My clothes smell of ammonia
And the floor is an enemy of my insomnia
This chair is my backbone
And this air is my night
With a dream I think I would feel all right
But it’s too late for dreams tonight

Tonight the angels are already in bed
And tonight the rooster is crowing in my head
And tonight the world is dead
In a silence that will never be fed
Even with the sounds of a tomorrow
Even with the sounds of a tomorrow

And with every drink sorrow is taken in
And with every new thought comes another new sin
With every single word I seem to begin
To tear down the future that I had so desperately prepared to build
And if this world would just yield to me for one moment in time
I could show it and myself that I am going to be just fine

The paths that I chose have led me back to themselves
And I have so many new memories to store
But I’ve been better before
And I’ve felt comfortable before
Even with the sounds of a tomorrow
Even with the sounds of a tomorrow
I’ve felt comfortable before

Maybe this place will suck the life out of me
Maybe the simplicity of a plane ticket could set me free
Maybe with the simplicity I could finally be
Comfortable with the sounds of a tomorrow

And in this darkness I can almost sense
The warmth and closeness of your presence
And just like the cry of a train from a distance
There is that same space between you and I that becomes so dense
And clouded by the thought that I cry because you exist
And maybe I doubt my senses because I’ve always known this
From the first day that we kissed

Maybe I doubt the sounds of a tomorrow
Because there will be no one there to follow me when I go

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