Journeys of A Man

Friday, May 23, 2008

Losing Faith, Gaining Love

What’s a man to do when his future’s faded
And all his fortune’s been raided
By time
and those left far behind
I’m not sure what the visions mean
That come to me in my dreams
But I could sit upon this shore
For just a few days more
Yet time, time always calling me
Telling the tale that’s wasting
Like the sand castle by the sea
The sun is setting

They say that nothing will last
And a man can be haunted by his past
It’s not a very wide net that I cast
To catch the chances that are going fast
And, yes I’ve had people say to me
You can’t wallow in misery
But the times and society
Have led me to disagree

And if no man is an island
Then why are we so alone
We don’t even know our neighbors
Who live right outside our home
And the king stands in his palace
And laughs at us poor souls
But I’ve got more wealth
Than all of his bags of gold
Cause I am loved

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday's wish

If we've crossed paths, I hope you know how I feel about you.