Journeys of A Man

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I hid
I hid
It hit
It hit
Gas, debris, bodies
Loot the city
Don't loot the city
Give it all to the sea
Give it all to the sea

18 wheels on their sides
trapped up here waiting for the sun to shine
The casino tables are turning
Everything has moved from left to right
over the limit 300 strides

300 strides past the moorings
God, please stop the rain from pouring
I need some space
To escape this gravity

Charlie, Ivan, Dennis, Katrina, Emily, Gene
Remember our spring there?
The Island has disappeared

Pick us up
One by one
No longer Two by two
Threw the windows it came
Give it all to the sea
Give it all to the sea
boats are in the streets
there was my job
this was my life
there are no more leaves on the trees
give it all to the sea
give it all to the sea

your father and mother lived here
Their house has disappeared

You in your dress
And me attempting to look my best
Remember the picture of you and me
It's been washed away by the sea

The kids in the living room
they grow up so soon
the memories
the memories
can not be taken by the sea